I have been interested in art for most of my life starting with wax crayons . Later in the eighties I was into drawing rock bands then tried my hand at drawing and designing cars . Then for some reason art disappeared in my life for many years . Around the year 2000 I was starting to have dreams about art . I guess it was my creative spirit was reawakening . It started out with simple paintings but once I received a drafting board as a gift art really grew in importance in my life . My paintings grew more complex and interesting but lacked a single direction . About 8 years ago I started hiking in the Fraser Valley my work became focused on nature`s beauty that can not be found without leaving the confines of our lives .


                             I like to think of myself as easy going and honest . You can`t get any more honest than in nature . Most of my work is based off of hikes in the Fraser Valley and people seem to like the idea that they can go there . Escaping the man made world and immersing one`s self in nature even if it is just for a few hours helps calm one`s soul . I find being surrounded by nature as well as painting it very relaxing . Something as simple as seeing moss draping off of a branch just makes me happy , makes the world magical . In my paintings I try to take the viewer into that world . 

Nature is now my inspiration .